Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How can I share my Gerber images with my friends?

After you upload your Gerber file, you will get a url link. Just copy this link to your friends.

Q2: Are my Gerbers safe?

All of your Gerbers are unlisted. We do not share them with anyone. If you are concerned about this, once you have viewed them, you can remove your Gerbers from our server. Alternatively you can download and install a local copy of the Free and Open Source Software Gerber Viewer tool, Gerbv.

Q3: Why can't I see the right photo view?

If you are sure you uploaded the correct Gerber file, it is possible that your file names are not automatically recognised and assigned by the viewer. This is easy to fix: you just need to reassign the Gerbers from your uploaded file to the correct Gerber layers in the viewer.

Q4: Why is the viewer sometimes slow to respond?

If your Gerber files are large, the EasyEDA Gerber Viewer may take some time to analyze them.

Q5:Why is the board size not correct?

Please make sure that the board outline in your design is present and that it is an appropriate size for the design.

Q6: What Gerber file names are expected?

EasyEDA can detect the file names intelligently, so if your Gerber files are not shown correctly, please check Q3 and reassign the layers.

Q7: How can I change the displayed surface finish colour of the PCB viewer?

Click on the drop-down Theme menu.

Q8: How do I change between Gerber viewer, Top photo viewer and Bottom photo viewer?

There are three buttons at the top right of the Viewer window.

Q9: How do I submit a bug report?

Just email to

Q10: What are the most common mistakes in creating Gerber files?

Before placing an order, please check that the Gerber files for a project are correct.

Here are some of the most common errors that we have seen:

  1. Using the incorrect version. The custormer wanted to order version B, but the order was placed for version A.
  2. The board outline is missing.
  3. The drill file is missing.
  4. Top or bottom surface finish layers are missing.
  5. Some of the holes are too small.
  6. Some of the tracks are too small.
  7. Some of the clearances are too small.

Q11: Why has the EasyEDA Gerber Viewer stopped?

The integrated DFM of the EasyEDA Gerber Viewer does not allow duplicate Gerber file names, such as two NPTH hole files, two Top surface finish layer files. etc. so if you see a message like that shown in the image below, you may need to change one or more of your Gerber file names and/or remove some bad files before you try again to upload the Gerber to the EasyEDA Gerber Viewer.