About Gerber Viewer

EasyEDA Gerber Viewer is a viewer for Gerber RS-274X files, Excellon drill files online, After you upload your gerber file, we will render it as images including a top side and a bottom side photo view. At the same time, EasyEDA runs a simple Design For Manufacture (DFM) check, from which you can see the board size, hole and track sizes and clearances of the various PCB objects such as tracks and pads.
Gerber files are typically generated by a PCB CAD tool (such as the EasyEDA, Eagle, Kicad, Altium, Pads, Diptrace's PCB) and are sent to a PCB manufacturer who uses the files for manufacturing the bare Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).
There are two standards defining Gerber files: An old one called RS-274D, and a newer one called RS-274X. Gerber files generated in the old format (RS-274D) lack aperture information, which must be supplied separately. The new standard (RS-274X) as used by EasyEDA embeds aperture information into the file. Note: the EasyEDA Online Gerber Viewer - which is based on the Free and Open Source Software tool Gerbv - displays RS-274X files! Please make sure your uploaded gerber file is in the RS-274X format.